Buyers’ Review

Buyers’ Review


received in good condition. bought for my father, but seems like he did not experience nausea/ giddiness like others did.



Excellent. Felt more alert after a period of use.



nice for cosmetic and i did experienced slight heat around my neck area.



Work as per it mention on the website. My daughter after wearing will hv a giddy effect and that particular night she got a deep and soundly sleep and she is now wearing day and night. Good buy.



Have been using for 3rd day, so far seems my sleep feelsbetter. But then again may need some more time to review it. Does get numb for 1st few tries



Very impress with the Company. I emailed them to complain about the problem I had with the clasp of the bracelette and immediately Ellis replied and informed me that my problem is rare and that they will immediately post me an replacement bracelette. Received it today and wore it and felt very energised and happy with the product. A very good buy.. Thanky ou Ellis



Happy w the product..did feel its working on my stiffness



Tried the item for a day, I Dunno if it's true or not, But did really felt focus and really felt the dizzyness.



beads are adjustable to suit yr taste. on the first night we wore it,we both woke up w sweats aroun our night.could be it is working.didnt have it after that




Understand that this bracelet aids in improving mood, so I got one. Just received it in good order and coincidentally I was feeling snappy, so decided to give it a try. Upon wearing, I can feel the simmering effect settling in gradually. The negative feeling does go away and eventually poof! Very happy with this product! ***Pls note that it works for me in this area but not sure if the same works for others.



Shipping is fast, unexpectly by registered mail. The quality is quite good. Much better than the phiten silicon one I bought a few weeks back. Effect as usual with all these ion products, hard to verify. At least it looks good and finishing is good.



The products is very good and worth to buy. But when i first wear on it, i feel a bit giddy and uncomfortable. But i know this is normal. I also have backache and neck ache problem and it seem to help me with neck ache bec i dont feel the aching. Will buy this again and recommend others as well. Thanks seller.



The products is very good and worth to buy. I rec yesterday and immediately wear it and even wear it at night and i sleep very well until my alarm ring i also didn't notice. I use to have sleeping problem and wake up very often in the night. Will buy this again and recommend others as well. Thanks seller.



It is my second purchase. Good price & ION really works when you tends to have stiff neck



looks fashionable after wearing the braclet and feel slight improvement after wearing for a day.



Delivery quite slow but received in good condition. And it really solves my neck aches.



Just nice for my neck..

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