Noproblem products Q&A

Noproblem products Q&A

• Q: What are ION Bracelets/Necklaces?

A: There are 2 types of electrical ion charges, Negative and Positive. Simply, Negative ions are good for your body and Positive ions are bad for your body. ION Bracelets/Necklaces are embedded with negative ion frequencies that are good for your body.


• Q: What does the ION Bracelet/Necklace do?

A:The ION Bracelets/Necklaces help to regulate your body's frequency to an optimal level.This means you will feel better and operate with an overall greater sense of well being.


• Q: How long does it take to feel the effects?

A:The effects are immediate.With the ION Bracelet?Necklace you will have improved energy,balance,strength,and flexibility immediately after putting it on.


• Q: How long does it last?

A: The Bracelets/Necklaces are designed to last indefinitely.


• Q: Who can wear the ION Bracelet/Necklace?

A: Everyone can benefit from wearing ION Bracelets/Necklaces, including young children and the elderly.


• Q: When should I wear it?

A: The The ION Bracelet/Necklace can be worn at all times, 24 hours a day.


• Q: Can I wear it when I sleep?

A:Yes.In various cases people have commented that they sleep more soundly while wearing the Bracelet/Necklace.


• Q: Can I get it wet?

A: Yes. the ION Bracelet/Necklace is completely waterproof and can be worn when swimming, surfing and all other water activities.


• Q: My Dreams seem to be more vivid, Why is that?

A: Negative ions affect everyone differently. Many have said they experience a deeper sleep while wearing the Bracelets/Necklaces.If your dreams become too vivid, only wear the Bracelet/Necklace during the day and take it off before bedtime.


• Q: After putting the Bracelet on I feel lightheaded, why is that?

A: ION Bracelets release a very high negative ion output. Because negative ions have a cleansing affect on your body,some people have experienced feeling a little light headed or head heaviness as the body goes through the balancing of negative and positive ions. Take the Bracelet off and try to increase the time you are able to wear the Bracelet throughout the day.

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